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When referring to the Food Service Industry there is massive levels of competition that you must compete with every day. Rivalry ?involving restaurant entrepreneurs is fierce Is The IRS keeping you from achieving your competitive potential?

Many business owners need to worry about the reporting of cash tips by staff in the restaurant market place. 8 percent of your overall salary to your place of business as tips and the restaurant entrepreneur is mandated by the U.S. government to record it. Even though the U.S. Government requires that you pay the 15.3 % tax for self employment, it doesn’t have to be a hassle. It does not consider that in the next year the IRS will be slowly increasing their attention on small businesses by 30 percent.. It could possibly be as little as 3 months until you are experiencing hostile penalty actions like:

Federal Tax Liens Wage Garnishments Property and Asset Seizure Bank Levies

Tax Resolutions Dished Up Fast

When it comes to settling 1099 tax debts we are a tax debt resolution organization who is effective with small business owners Whether it is federal or state taxes, we have the competency to take it on. Our workforce of tax attorneys, tax analysts, and accountants have 57 years of combined tax experience. We make use of enrolled agents, notably licensed consultants by the Federal government to assist taxpayers in negotiations with the Internal Revenue Service.

Loyalty in Tax Debt Relief Up-front answers for our clients is something that we pride ourselves in providing sincere provide legitimate expectations and genuine resolutions when we tackle a situation, we make the effort. The only time that we will talk about “pennies on the dollar” is when we realize for sure that it can be achieved, this is not as likely as the competition would lead you to believe Our Client Care Division is excellent at the support they produce, if at some time you have any questions or concerns with regards to your situation, Client Care is there to assist you. Incorporated since 1997, we have settled tax debts as large as $2.9 million.An A-rated company with the Better Business Bureau We can get most bank and wage levies lifted within 24 hours For a free, confidential debt assessment with one of our tax resolution professionals make contact with our specialized team today For relief from your 1099 tax debt we can verify your alternatives. This is an obligation cost-free examination, it cost you absolutely nothing but your time to find out how swiftly we can support you.

The food market can be competitive; don’t let the IRS destroy your competitive edge. If you’re a restaurant owner with a 1099 tax debt, telephone or email us right away. We have the elements you require to solve your government tax concerns.

If you are looking for skilled tax advice on how to resolve your 1099 tax debt issues, visit us right now and learn how we can get started on your case today!

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