On the campaign trail, July 2012

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Sunday, August 5, 2012 The following is the ninth in a monthly series chronicling the U.S. 2012 presidential election. It features original material compiled throughout the previous month after a brief mention of some of the month’s biggest stories. In this month’s edition on the campaign trail: the rules of third party candidate polling are […]

Cardio Exercises Are A Must For Middle Aged Folks

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Get More Information Here: Sarms For Cutting By Adaleya Johnson The body starts weakening and losing its vigor as people reach their “middle ages.” It takes more effort to do regular activities, an element of procrastination creeps in, body pains set in, and tiredness sets in earlier, when you reach your middle age. That’s natural […]

Petition pressures City of Edinburgh Council to review clause affecting live music scene

October 22, 2021 By

Thursday, June 25, 2015 Live music venues in Edinburgh, Scotland are awaiting a review later this year on the 2005 licensing policy, which places limitations on the volume of amplified music in the city. Investigating into how the policy is affecting the Edinburgh music scene, a group of Wikinews writers interviewed venue owners, academics, the […]

Toyota accused of misleading public over recalls

October 21, 2021 By

Tuesday, February 23, 2010 Toyota has been accused by a U.S. House of Representatives committee with misleading the public and investigators over its recent recalls. The accusations, in a statement from the House Energy and Commerce Committee, claim that Toyota both relied on a flawed study in its assessment of the issue of sticking accelerator […]

Sports Marketing Methods In Football

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Get More Information Here: Facebook Ads Remarketing Papua New Guinea By Larry Lim It is no doubt that football is the darling of all sports lovers in the world. One can comfortably say that mush of the sport’s popularity can be attributed to the sports marketing strategies employed for the game. The hyping of the […]

British supermarket chain Tesco to sell its Polish branch to Salling Group A/S

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Sunday, June 21, 2020 On Thursday, UK-based retailer Tesco and Denmark-based retailer Salling Group announced their agreement over selling a large portion of Tesco’s Polish operation to Salling Group. Tesco stated its intention to leave the Polish market altogether, Salling its intention to strengthen its Netto chain in Poland. The deal covers 301 stores, two […]

US raids Iran ‘liaison office’, Russia says it is unacceptable

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Friday, January 12, 2007 The U.S. armed forces detained five Iranians working at a “liaison office” located in Erbil, Iraq before dawn on Friday. Sources said that the U.S. forces first landed their helicopters around the building, then broke through the office’s gate, disarmed the guards, confiscated some documents and certain objects, arrested five suspected […]

Woman fired over husband’s email threat to Minnesota professor

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008 Professor PZ Myers, a biologist at the University of Minnesota Morris in the United States, has been receiving email threats for a post made on his Pharyngula blog in support of a University of Central Florida student who took a consecrated host from a Catholic Mass in protest of the church […]

Types Of Mortgage}

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Get More Information Here: Nose Job San Francisco Submitted by: Baymaster Buying a home is one of the biggest commitments you will ever undertake. So choosing your mortgage does take thought. Take some time to consider what mortgage is right for you? After all its your money you will be spending so, I would recommend […]

Race to save Chilean miners trapped underground from spiralling into depression continues

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Thursday, September 2, 2010 It has emerged that the 33 Chilean miners trapped underground after the mine they were working in collapsed could be brought to the surface in a shorter time than was initially feared. While officials publicly announced that the men would not be brought to the surface until Christmas, sources inside technical […]