5 Top Canadian Film School Grads

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5 Top Canadian Film School Grads


Valeria Stephens

Talent and creativity will only take you so far in the film industry. If you’re going to work in movies and television, the time will come when you have to prove you have some knowledge of what needs to be done to complete a project. Several big stars found out that Canadian film schools were the best place to gain the knowledge they needed to be respected in the film industry.

Sara Canning

Ms. Canning is best known for her role on the wildly popular Vampire Diaries. She portrayed Jenna Sommers. Ms. Canning is a graduate of the Vancouver Film School. In addition to taking on several different television roles, she has also been a part of several theatre productions.

In addition to being a talented actor, Ms. Canning is interested in the screenwriting process and has been rumored to be in the midst of writing a script for a Western themed romance film.


Hanna Rose Hall

Hanna Rose Hall is best known for her role on Forest Gump. She was the ten year old girl who first screamed at Forest to run, a line that quickly became a kind of battle cry for fans of the film. In addition to her pivotal role on Forrest Gump, Ms. Hall was also involved with the remake of the horror cult hit, Halloween, and in the Virgin Suicides. Although American by birth, Ms. Hall attended film schools in Canada.

Jeff Hanley

Jeff Hanley is not only one of the more successful people to have completed a course at the film school in Toronto, but he is currently faculty at the same school. It didn’t take Hanley very long to put his degree to good use and go to work as an assistant director on a few different projects, including The Chair. In addition to directing, Hanley is also a very talented cinematographer.

Jewel Staite

Jewel Staite shot to fame when she starred as the tom-boyish mechanic in cult hit, Firefly. Her sweet optimism meshed perfectly with an otherwise pessimistic group of characters. Today, Ms. Staite, who graduated from one of the top film schools in Canada, continues to take on acting jobs, including a performance on the WB’s Supernatural, and also blogs about her love of food. Today, Ms. Staite continues to delight and charm fans at various sci-fi conventions where she cheerfully shares her experiences on Firefly, Serenity, and Stargate Atlantis.

Neill Blomkamp

Neill Blomkamp has certainly come a long since he attended a Canadian film school. Not only did he get to work closely with the great Peter Jackson to produce the short film trilogy, Helo, but he and Jackson later worked on District 9 together. Although writing has always been his first passion, he has also directed his feature films as well as some of his short films. In addition to winning a Bradbury Award for District 9, Mr. Blomkamp was nominated for an Academy Award.

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5 Top Canadian Film School Grads