Penis Pain How To Tell If It S A Penis Fracture

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Penis Pain How to Tell if it s a Penis Fracture


John Dugan

The term penis fracture is a cringe-inducing one no man wants to even think about a broken penis, never mind experience it. In fact, it doesn t even sound possible how can the penis be fractured when it doesn t have any bones? Unfortunately, though, it is true the penis can break and knowing when to get help can make all the difference between a short-term inconvenience and a lifetime of discomfort and impaired performance. Plus, since avoiding a penis fracture in the first place is the best solution, penis heath remedies and tips for preventing a broken penis are discussed here.

Penis fractures how and why

To understand what is meant by a penis fracture, it is necessary to be aware of the underlying anatomy of the penis. Essentially, the shaft of the penis consists of a spongy tissue known as the corprora cavernosa the part of the penis that becomes filled with blood during an erection. This tissue is surrounded by a fibrous membrane called the tunica albuginea, which holds it in place and gives it its shape.

If the penis is bent or buckled abruptly during sex or whatever this outer membrane can rupture, resulting in sudden, severe pain that may be accompanied by a loud, popping noise. Penis fractures are most common during sexual activity where the woman is on top and comes down suddenly at an unfortunate angle, or when the man thrusts and hits the woman s pubic bone.


An interesting side note on this issue, according to Dr. Andrew Kramer, a urologist at the University of Maryland Medical Center, is that in many cases, penis fractures appear to occur during extramarital affairs or in places besides the bedroom. There is some logic to this idea, since doing it in an unauthorized location or with an unauthorized person is likely to create a more heated and frantic atmosphere.

Treating a broken penis

Regardless of how the penis is broken, when a fracture occurs, it should be considered a medical emergency. Surgical correction is generally necessary to prevent long-term problems. Unfortunately (and possibly because of the circumstances mentioned above), many men are reluctant to seek medical attention due to embarrassment or the fear of spousal fury and hope that the problem will resolve on its own.

Implications of a broken penis

Unfortunately, leaving a broken penis to heal on its own can lead to several complications. Permanent deformity, as well as ongoing pain, are the most obvious of these, and leaving a fracture untreated can lead to loss of function. But even a penis that appears to heal normally may present with problems later on. Scar tissue may develop as part of the healing process. This scar tissue does not expand in the same way as the surrounding membrane, which can cause mild to severe bending during an erection. This, in turn, can lead to painful intercourse or even impotence.

Preventing penis fractures

Clearly, prevention in this case is the best medicine. For men who are prone to acrobatics in the bedroom, the best advice is to keep the penis moisturized, use a lubricant, and really, just be as careful as possible. Supporting healthy skin and connective tissue by keeping the manhood well-nourished with the rejuvenating vitamins and minerals found in a high-quality penis health cr me (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help to keep the penis moisturized and supple and reduce the risk of developing scar tissue related to chronic rough handling or sudden trauma. A health cr me that is applied directly to the penis will be absorbed directly into the penis skin for maximum benefit.

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Penis Pain How to Tell if it s a Penis Fracture