Liposuction: Tips To Finance Your Cosmetic Procedure

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So you have decided that liposuction is what you want to have done. You have found a good surgeon with recommendation from other patients as well as a professional association. You have researched the risks and have considered the benefits. Still, you want to move forward with the liposuction, but the price tag is standing in the way. Today, with sky-rocketing medical costs and a weak economy, choosing to have an elective surgery like liposuction is not an easy choice, but there are options.

The typical costs of liposuction can begin around $2,000 and can exceed $11,000. The variation in these prices depend on several factors including how many areas of the body that you are having processed, the type of facility you use, the surgeon you selected, and the type of procedure that he or she uses.

However, these are not the only costs associated with plastic surgery. Because this type of procedure is evasive, it may likely require general anesthesia, which costs money. If the work to be done is extensive you may need an anesthesiologist, which also increases your total costs. All said and done, however, an average liposuction will range between $2,500 and $3,000.


Still, money is a concern, which is stopping you from moving forward. However, there are ways to finance the procedure so you can look better now while paying the money back later. The quickest way to pay for your procedure is to use your credit card. This automatically transfers the fees into monthly payments that you may already be making.

However, this should only be an option if you have a good rate on your credit card. If you charge $3000 on a card that has an interest rate of 29% (and it is not unreasonable to have such cards today), your monthly payment would be $127 over 3 years. Additionally, your procedure, with interest would be almost $4500. At 15%, your payment would be $105 over 3 years and a total of $3800.

Another option to financing your liposuction procedure is to go through a financing company that specializes in small loans for cosmetic surgery. Some companies charge low interest rates as much as 5.9%, but even at 7-14% this is a much better value than several credit cards. There are various companies worth considering that can be found on the Internet.

Also, ask your surgeon or the facility that you would be using for the procedure if they have payment schedules. This way, the payments are taken care of in-house and you do not have to deal with a separate company.

Still, the facility is likely to charge you interest as well because you are technically borrowing money. However, some facilities allow you to pay over a 3-month period that greatly reduces the amount of interest you would pay on a loan.

The most cost effective way to pay for your liposuction is to set up a separate savings account or possible even a CD account with a decent interest rate. Have a portion of your income go into that account monthly until you have the necessary amount. Although you will have to wait to have the procedure you really want now, you will save money in the long run.

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