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To be a comedian, you require lot of confidence to stand up on the stage and make people laugh. Someone has rightly said that to perform as a comedian on a stage, one either has to be stupid or brilliant. It doesnt matter whether you are a girl or a guy, all that matters is your skills. When you put yourself on stage, you expose yourself to be judged, praised and applauded. Performing a comedy on stage is much different than any other performance. Though it requires the same steps like planning an act, writing the dialogues and rehearsing, the aim of the play is to make people laugh.

Being a successful comedian doesnt mean that you have to get on to the stage and read out the script. If you really want to succeed in making people laugh and you have that talent in you, you can make on the spot changes in the script. But always keep one thing in mind that your audience knows when you are passionate about it when you are indifferent. There are various catches in learning comedy which only a stand up comedy coach can teach you.

You need to show to the audience that you are passionate about what you are doing. The audience should connect to it. You need not only to know but excited about what you are talking. You need to feel and show that you are excited about what you are going to do on the stage. This will make the audience feel excited too.


Humor and public speaking:

Standup comedy and public speaking seems to be totally different but they are not. These two arts appearing to be different are complementary to each other. Both of them require confidence of performing in front of several people. When you are delivering a speech in front of a group of people, you would want to keep them interested in whatever you are saying. You would feel more confident to express yourself if you notice that everyone is interested in listening to you.

When you have a long script to deliver, there are chances that your audience gets bored of it and gets distracted. In such a case, you would have to go a bit off-script to again catch their attention. This may require stating a funny example related to the topic or asking a question to someone in the audience. Even in worst cases when you forget your speech or get diverted towards some other topic, cracking a joke or stating a funny incidence that happened with you will be really helpful in such an awkward situation.

Your audience will feel that you are interested in sharing the speech with you and it is not that you have given this task which you have to do. You will sound more authentic and the audience will build up a connection with you. A very important point is that your body language will change the moment you get comfortable on stage. So it is a good idea to learn comedy from a stand up comedy coach if you want to improve your public speaking.

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