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Dental insurance is purchased so you will have something to pay for a portion of your dental care needs. A plan for dental insurance will have a particular limit or maximum annual benefit. Once reached, you will need to pay for the rest of the dental treatments for that year. There are some tricks to get the best dental insurance even if you are a first time buyer.

Know What You Need

It is not the insurer or brokers responsibility to determine the best dental insurance plan for you. While they can give advice and recommendations, you should know what you actually need. It will also help you deal with the persuasive sales speeches.

When requesting for dental insurance quotes, you may be requested to specify what you are looking for. You may be looking for an individual dental insurance, family dental insurance or group dental insurance for your company but you also need to know what particular type of plan you are looking for.


There are three main types of dental insurance: indemnity, preferred provider organization (PPO), and dental health maintenance organization (DHMO). The indemnity dental insurance is also known as the true dental insurance because it is the only plan that allows you to choose your dentist. It will pay a part of the dentists fee or a specified amount. In case, the indemnity plan is designed to pay for $50 while your dentists fee is $100, you need to pay for the other $50. The drawback of this dental insurance type is that it is expensive. The PPO is the plan that requires you to choose only among the dentists in the network. They agreed to reduce their fees, which is one of the reasons why PPO is much less expensive than indemnity. In case you are wondering, you can still go to a dentist whos not in the network at times but you will not be able to use the insurance. You should choose DHMO if you want the cheapest. The downside is you get to choose the dentist in the network, too. In this plan, the insurer pays the dentists directly. The dentists are paid per individual regardless of how often you go for treatment. Keep in mind that you may be responsible for co-payments in some dental services in DHMO.

Simply put, you need to choose between price and freedom to choose the dentist when deciding on the type of dental insurance.

Determine What Is Covered

It is important that you also know what services and treatments are covered. Some dental insurance plans determine the treatments that you can get. Others make the dentist decide. Luckily, there are the ones that will give you control on the treatment decisions. For instance, there are several treatments suitable for your dental problem. The insurance company or dentist may choose the cheapest treatment. Some plans may allow you to get more expensive treatments but will pay only a portion of the fee.

Have Several Options

There are many companies that offer dental insurance. Considering several of them is a good step to finding the best one. There is no particular best dental insurance for all. It is all about personal needs and choices. Make sure to contact and ask for dental insurance quotes for several companies. Compare the dental insurance quotes with the same coverage and the same type.

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