7 Keto Dhea May Help One Loss Weight

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By Darrell Miller

Nobody wants to be overweight. Almost 50% of women and 25% of men are trying to lose weight at any given time. However, most are not successful in fighting fat. In the past 25 years, obesity has increased 6%, with 61% of American adults being overweight. Among those who do lose weight, 95% regain all of the weight they lost within three years. However, recently a nutritional supplement called 7-ketohydroepiandrosterone (7-keto) has been studied for its ability to help people lose weight.

People who are overweight have a much higher risk for developing heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, certain types of cancer, gout, and gallbladder disease, than those who are of normal weight. It can also cause sleep apnea, infertility in women, and osteoarthritis. You are more likely to have health problems the more overweight you are. Half of the 61% of Americans who are overweight are obese. Obesity, stated in the simplest terms, is excessive fatness. A body mass index (BMI), which takes into account a person’s weight and height to determine total body fat in adults, of 25 to 29.9 is considered overweight, while a BMI of 30 or higher is considered obese.

Being overweight or obese can harm health in many ways. The risk for Type II diabetes increases greatly in overweight and obese individuals. Diabetes increases the risk for heart disease and stroke, which are the leading cause of blindness, kidney disease and a major cause of leg amputation. Obesity can also cause the heart to work harder, leading to enlargement and heart failure over time. Cancer has also been linked to weight gain, as excess fat changes metabolism and leads to abnormal cell growth. Overweight people are more likely to get rectal, colon, kidney, prostate, breast, ovarian, and uterine cancers. Being overweight can also lead to osteoarthritis, issues with anesthetic agents, and slower wound healing. Obesity is the second leading preventable cause of death after cigarette smoking. The more overweight an individual is, the higher his or her mortality ratio will be.


There are very little obese and overweight people in many European countries because Europeans have access to a variety of healthful foods. Those who live in the Mediterranean eat great amounts of fruit, vegetables, fresh fish, lean meats, and olive oil. According to many studies, this type of diet can result in a long, healthy life. A lot of the reason my Americans are so overweight has to do with the fact that we are so busy. Our way of life of eating on the run from fast food restaurants and eating high-calorie snacks as we watch TV only worsens our weight issues.

Excessive food intake is not the only factor to blame for being overweight. As we age, our metabolism and energy expenditure changes, both of which contribute to fat storage and obesity. When overweight individuals change their eating habits and lose weight, their body attempts to maintain fat stores and minimize the weight loss. This occurrence is known as the ‘set point’ for body fat. According to its theory, the set point will adjust itself to maintain a comfortable weight for the body. If calories are restricted, the metabolism will slow to preserve fat stores, which is nature’s way of preventing starvation. Once the weight is lost and calories are no longer restricted, the metabolic rate will rise once again. Research has determined that the human body has a genetically determined set-point weight that is controlled by metabolic hormones and fat cell enzymes. However, there are ways to adjust the set point. Recent studies using 7-keto have been able to increase the activity of the enzymes that are associated with metabolism. Even a minor shift in our metabolic rate can have a huge impact on calories burned. 7-keto plays a role in many body functions, which include immune response, memory, skin integrity, and weight management and is a safe DHEA metabolite. DHEA has been shown to suppress weight gain, even when the subject eats more. However, DHEA should not be used for weight loss because it causes a build-up of testosterone and estrogen in men and women, which increases their risk for reproductive cancers including breast and prostate cancer. 7-keto offers many of DHEA’s benefits without the conversion into sex hormones, and happens to be even more potent than DHEA for stimulating enzymes in the liver which are responsible for burning calories.

7-keto has been proven in many studies to be an effective weight loss aid. In one study, two groups of fifteen subjects were given either 7-keto or a placebo, and exercised three times a week for 45 minutes each time. They were also assigned a 1,800 calorie diet. The study, which lasted eight weeks, proved that there was a significant decrease in body weight and body fat in the 7-keto group, which was not found in the placebo group. The group using the 7-keto experienced a significant increase in T3 thyroid hormone activity, while still in acceptable normal ranges. Although 7-keto can jump start weight loss by boosting metabolism and lowering the body weight set point, it cannot produce weight loss without a healthy diet and regular exercise. Those participating and the weight-loss study took 100 mg of 7-keto twice a day. 7-keto has been proven to be safe for long term use in both experimental and clinical trials and toxicology studies have found no adverse effects in doses as high as 140,000 mg in an average-sized adult. Furthermore, 7-keto impacts the T3 hormone by shifting one’s weight set point, which in turn helps to keep pounds off now and in the future. After the individual loses weight, they can reduce the amount of 7-keto used, or they can rely upon regular exercise to support an increased metabolism. If your body weight begins to increase, you can use 7-keto once again as needed to support the metabolic rate. Although instant weight loss is impossible, a steady and successful weight-loss program is possible with the consumption of nutritious foods, aerobic activity five times a week, drinking 64 ounces of water each day, and committing to a more healthful lifestyle. Along with these, the use of 7-keto as a dietary supplement to boost our metabolism and lower our set point is a great way to give us a jump start on weight loss.

Adding supplements to your diet to help reduce weight is a great choice for many Americans. Loosing weight can be difficult and if you suspect your weight gain is because of some other underlying problem, such as low thyroid consult your doctor before beginning a supplement or diet program. Great supplements such as 7-keto DHEA can be found at your local or online vitamin store.

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